At our on-site crematory we offer both private cremation (your pet alone) and group cremation (your pet with other pets). Our Pet Funeral Specialist will help you select the services which best fit your needs, and will guarantee in writing that:

  1. Your cremation requests (private or group cremation) will be honored, and
  2. For private cremations, you will receive your pet’s cremated remains (cremains).

When you make the sensitive choice of cremation for your pet, you have the right to know:

  • Where the cremation will take place;
  • Who will be supervising the cremation process;
  • When the cremation will occur; and
  • What will happen to the cremains if you do not claim them.

After the cremation process is completed, the cremains are placed in an urn or some other type of container according to your wishes. You decide what will be the final disposition of the cremains.

For example, you may select internment in a permanent location–such as a columbarium niche, cemetery grave or other special location of your choosing

Or you may decide to have the cremains placed in a cemetery scattering garden–also called a memorial garden–or in some other location, so long as it is in accordance with local laws. Do keep in mind that the decision to scatter should be made carefully since it is irreversible.

Another possibility is that you may decide to take the cremains home and do nothing with them until you are sure what you want to do. Take your time.

Our Certified Pet Cremationist and our Pet Funeral Specialist will gladly answer any questions for you.