It is never too soon to think about the aftercare of your pet, even though services may not be needed for a long time. Please contact our Pet Funeral Specialist to find out what aftercare options are available to you – options which are supportive of your lifestyle and belief systems – and which are within the capabilities of The Pet Cemetery of Tucson.

A huge benefit of this discussion is that you can make informed choices about what you want for your pet before the need for such services arises. This helps eliminate any uncertainty about what to do when the time does come for you pet’s aftercare, because the important and necessary decisions have already been made.

At times, you may give temporary responsibility for your pet to others, such as a veterinarian, pet-sitter, neighbor, groomer, kennel or daycare provider. You may want to let them know what aftercare plans are in place should something happen while your pet is in their care.